Benefits of Laser Marking of Plastic

Benefits of Laser Marking of Plastics (Plastic Engraving) from other traditional marking processes, such as inkjet or chemical etching, use inks and chemicals in their marking on plastic products

Clean and Eco-friendly

Other marking processes, such as inkjet or chemical etching, use inks and chemicals in their marking — which not only are expensive consumables for the business, but have a negative effect on the environment. Laser marking, on the other hand, does not use any consumables — making is clean, affordable and energy efficient.

It also eliminates costs and downtime associated with cleaning, fixing or powering printers. While labels can peel off or become damaged over time, laser marking, provides permanent identification for parts and does not have to be performed multiple times.

Because the process is non-contact, laser marking ensures clean processing with minimal contamination. Where printing systems will burn down the material by marking, the damage-free process involves minimal or no material penetration. [1]

Moreover, You should ensure the safety of your workers and also consumers. Actually, traditional methods utilized harmful chemicals. They used to affect workers and consumers directly. [3]


Laser marking helps manufacturers comply with federal law.
Many federal groups require some sort of identification to comply with laws that uphold quality, traceability and other safety standards. Automotive companies, for example, use part traceability to quickly determine when and where a part was produced in the case of a component failure — aiding in recalls.

It can keep track of their products, improve quality, minimize counterfeiting [1][2]

Not compromising quality

With laser marking, there is no need to etch a product or transmit ink onto the surface. Instead, laser light is focused onto a material to produce damage-free marks. [1]

it doesn’t leave any external residue or damages the product surface. …[2]

other printing techniques: Screen printing, etching or lithography


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